How to Change Theme of WordPress Blog

Friends, if you want to change the theme of WordPress blog, then its process is very easy, but if you want to change the theme more often, then I would not recommend to change it again and again, because it also wastes a lot of our time. And very often the same setting needs to be reset.

Friends, if you want, you can change the plugin of your WordPress blog, there is no ben on this, but it is not good to change the plugin again and again, so when you set up your blog for the first time, select the plugin once. That’s better. 

Friends, there are many pad themes which give a professional look to your blog, they will give great performance but if you can not get your add themes then no problem there are many best and free themes also available which you can use in your WordPress. You can blog.

If you use free themes on your blog now, then that is also the best 300, yes through free themes also you can create very unique blocks as far as free themes are used on upsol.

How to Change Theme of WordPress Blog?

Friends, first of all you have to go to your WordPress blog and click on the Appearance option, then click on Themes, go to Appearance and click on Theme.
Or the theme available in your blog will be shown, to change the theme, you have to click on the add new option. (Click on add new theme) Friends, here you will find many types of themes, some features themes will also be found here, if you want, you can select any of these themes and set them in plus block only.

Apart from the featured theme, you will find many options here like popular, last date, themes etc.
If you want to install any of these plugins in your blog, then you can do it with great courage, but if you want, by searching can also install.

To search WordPress theme, you have to click in the search box and search by typing the theme. Whichever team you like, you can install it in your blog, you have to move your cursor on the theme and click on the install option. Friends, if you want to see the preview in the plugin, then instead of installing it after cursor move on that day, you can also select the preview theme.

  • After that you will see a preview of this theme, check the preview of whatever theme you like, if you like this theme, then click on the install option to install this plugin in your WordPress blog.
  • After that you will see the preview here, to install it click on the install option.
  • This plugin will be installed in your block and you will change the look of the blog. Friends, if you do not know this theme before, then you can install and set another theme.
  • Friends, the theme of your WordPress blog has been changed, but if you have any download themes, then you can set them on your blog, then you must have got information about this process, you can also upload the theme to your blog.
  • By going to your WordPress blog, clicking on Appearance, clicking on the option with Themes and clicking on the option on Add New.
  • After that, you have to click on the option with upload theme, click on the option with choose file, select the theme from your computer, click on the option of install now, your theme will have been uploaded and changed.
  • But friends, note that before uploading the theme, you must take a backup of your WordPress blog, because there may be an error while uploading the theme and your WordPress blog may crash.

Note – Friends, whether you are changing the theme or not, you should regularly make a backup of your blog on your wall because maybe your blog can be saved from being hacked, in the same way I will support your breakup.

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In today’s article, we told you how you can change the theme of your WordPress block. And how can I upload a new theme to my WordPress blog? Explained to you in detail in absolutely Hindi language.

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